Who should be using iPB

In order to use iPB, one does not need to be an IT-expert, general proficiency in using the computer and Internet is sufficient for achieving practical results.

Some examples of who can benefit from using iPB:

  • System developer who needs to develop and introduce into operational practice a great-looking WEB-based system/service according to a specification and inside the limits of a reasonable budget (both in terms of time and money). He/she will benefit from a fast track development as well, as from early engagement of the system’s end-users in the development process. The latter helps to ensure that the system not only satisfies the formal specification, but also the expectations of people who will be using it, paving the way for smooth introduction of the system into operational practice.
  • Business expert in a particular area, e.g. sales, healthcare, jurisprudence looking for new ways of offering his/her knowledge on best practices in the field. With the help of iPB he/she can offer his/her knowledge as a WEB-based system/service.
  • Business analyst or requirement engineer engaged in discovering business needs, or requirements. iPB gives him/her a possibility to document his/her findings in a way that makes it easier to verify the results with business folk “on the floor”, and/or business experts. This way is a combination of structured textual specification and a prototype in one and the same package. This way of documenting needs/requirements also makes it easier for the developers who will be implementing the requirements in a system to understand the needs and requirements.
  • Business process developer (management consultant, or member of an internal process office) engaged in mapping existing business processes or designing new ones. He will benefit from the environment that facilitates communication with the business folk “on the floor”, as well as from a possibility to test/simulate new process definitions in order to verify that they correspond to what is going on in practice, or that new processes are implementable in the given business environment.