iPB-runtime interprets process definitions in runtime providing means for running processes in real-time according to the definitions. This component is also responsible for presenting process definitions in a “human friendly” form. The main screen for iPB-runtime invoked by pressing All processes in the left-hand menu looks as follows:

The last item in the left-hand menu Process gallery allows business folk to browse existing process map and view them in a "human-friendly form" with the help of Map viewer. To invoke  Map viewer just double click on the row in Process gallery.
Other items deal with running particular cases (instances) according to process maps (definitions) with the help of Map interpretor. Your invoke Map interpreter on the already existing process via double clicking on a row in a list presented above, or by choosing button Show in the upper toolbar. You invoke Map interpreter on a new process by choosing button New in the upper toolbar of the list or by choosing Start a process in the left-hand menu.

iPB-runtime provides the following functionality