Map designer

Your invoke Map designer by pressing button Edit on the main screen of iPB designer.
With map designer you:

  • Define process steps
  • Oder them in a process flow
  • Attach textual description to steps
  • Define runtime properties of steps

The map designer screen looks like:

The screen have three working areas:

  • Process map, which on its own is divided into two panels:
    • Upper panel for general "flow-independent" steps. This steps will not get any arrows between them when the end-users view a process map
    • Middle panel for process flow, i.e. steps that should follow each other in some preferable order. This steps will get arrows between them when the end-users view a process map
  • Steps not placed on the map (under the map).
  • Step properties (to the right of the map)

Use the uppermost toolbar to invoke actions (select a step by clicking on it when needed)

  • New step - creates new step. You need to press save in the propertes panel to actually create a step. It will then appears in the bottom panel
  • Step properties - Shows properties of the selected step in the right panel. You can change them and save. For detailed description of step properties press here.
  • Edit step form - invokes Form designer for the selected step.
  • Delete step - removes step from the map. The same effect as dragging the step into the garbadge bin
  • Business rules - invokes Business rules editor for this map.
  • Test process map - submenu with two choices
    • Show as in process gallery - shows the map in a way it will be shown to the end-users (user-friendly way)
    • Start a test process - creates a test process of the type your develop and invokes Map interpreter on it.