Form designer

You use form designer to edit an electronic form (eForm) attached to each step.
More exactly, you:

  • Define information structure for each step by choosing a number of fields to be included in the form
  • Define layout of the screen which is presented to the end-users

Your invoke Form Designerr from the Map designer screen by pressing button Edit step form in the upper toolbar(after selecting a step for which you want to edit the form by clicking on it). 

The Form designer screen looks like:

The central panel of the designer screen represents a matrix where you can place your fields. The matrix has, by default, two columns and two rows, but it will grow horizontally and vertically as you add fields to it. By default, you will get one field in your e-form that is called Comments.

The rightmost panel of the Form designer serves two purposes:

  • It lists various types of fields as shown abov. Details about available field types can be found here.
  • It serves for specifying field properties as shown below Details about available field properties can be found here.

To add a new field to your e-form drag and drop it from the right panel as shown in the first picture. Before dropping a field your may need to free the space in the matrix occupied by some other field. This is done by drag and dropping fields between different cells of the matrix. To be able to drop a field in a cell, you need to move it so that the arrow of the mouse pointer is in the middle of the intended cell, as in the first picture. In this case, you will see a green check circle under the cursor. If you move the pointer arrow outside the cells, or to an already occupied cell, you will see the red stop sign. If you want to remove a field from a cell, just drag and drop it back on the right panel. You can also choose Delete from the pop-up menu that you get on the right mouse click.