iPB-runtime - functionality

The runtime system provides means for browsing process definitions in a human-friendly form and running processes according to the definitions in real-time.

  • While browsing process definitions (module Viewer), the user can:
  • Browse through and search process definitions in the process repository
  • View a process map in a human friendly form
  • Read textual description attached to the process and to each of its steps
  • View relationships between the steps defined by business rules by clicking on a step and getting other steps colored according to the business rules
  • View eForm attached to a step in a human-friendly form with layout definitions applied to all fields
  • View profiles (roles) related to the process and to its steps (under development).

While running processes in real-time (module Interpreter), the user can:

  • Start/finish a process of any type from the process repository (provided his/her profile allows it)
  • Start/finish steps of a process to which he/she has access (provided his/her profile allows it)
  • Follow process development via a map on which each step is marked as started (when and by whom), finished (when and by whom), or not started yet. Marking of steps is done by coloring
  • Store information related to a step to which he/she has access by filling an instance of the eForm attached to it (provided his/her profile allows it)
  • Read information attached to the step via its eForm (provided his/her profile allows it) - Add new participants to a process or to a step (new participants will get an automatic email notification about this)
  • Add/delete participants to a process or to any of its steps
  • Attach documents to a process
  • Register events that happened in the frame of the process, thus creating a process journal
  • Plan tasks/activities to him/herself or to other participants of the process (who will get an email notification about this)
  • Report execution of planned tasks