Field properties

Field properties are explained in the following table

Name Purpose Mandatory Field types Trial
System name To uniquely identify the field to handle changes in process definitions via import export Yes All x
Label To identify the purpose of the field to the end-users No All x
Exclude from print To exclude the fiedl from printed report based on the form Default: false All x
Html before To adjust form layout via HTM tags, eg. <b>, or <hr /> No All  
Html after To adjust form layout via HTM tags, eg. </b>, or <hr /> No All  
Alternatives To add special HTML parameters to some field types No StaticText,
Text field
Text area,
Option menu,
URL link,
Description To comment the fiedl to other developers (have no effect for the end user No All x
Items To specify Items for selection Yes Checkbox group, Radio group, Option menu x
Decision codes To specify items for selection Yes Advanced log  
Standard texts To specify standart text for selection Yes Advanced log  
Referent To specify field to point to Yes Reference x
Creates Alerts To mark a datatime field as a field that can be followed up with an alert Defaults to false Datetime field  
Required To specify whetehr the input in the field is required,
0 - "Not required"
1 - "On close" required to be able to finish the step
2 - "On svae" - required to be able to save a form
Defaults to 0 (Not required) Relevant for
All fields excepts those that are not filled by the end user, e.g. Static text, link