Process properties

Common properties of all processes that follows a given process map (definition) are set in the screen below. This screen appears when you press button New in the iPB-designer screen or button Properties on the same screen after selecting a process map in the list by mouse clicking on it. Both buttons are in the upper toolbar of the iPB-designer screen.

Process type - name (label) assigned to the process map (definition). This name is used when the end-users create new processes, search among already existing ones, or  browse the process repository.

Short info - short description of the process that is shown to the end-users when they browse throw the process repository or view a map of a particular process type.

Concerns person - when checked the end-user will see a so-called "Concerns" tab for each process of this type. In this tab he/she will be able to attach a business object "Person", e.g., a customer or patient in the hospital. Attaching a person to a process via "Concerns" makes it easier to find all processes to which this person is attached. Not available for trial.

Concerns organization - the same ass Concerns person above in relation to business object "Organization". Attaching an organization to to a process via "Concerns" makes it easier to find all processes to which this organizations is attached. Not available for trial.

Hide tabs -> Documents - checking this box results in the end-users will not be able to attach documents to the processes of the given type.

Hide tabs -> Notes & Tasks - checking this box results in the end-users will not be able to make unsorted notes or plan tasks for the processes of this type.

Status - regulates possibility to see/use/change the process map (definition). Explanations see in the table below:

Status Definition is visible in repository End-user can start a process of this type Definition can be deleted Definition can be modified
Design No No Yes Yes
Show Yes No Yes Yes
Trial Yes Yes Yes1) Yes2)
Operation Yes Yes No3) Yes2)
Locked Yes Yes No3) No
Retired Yes No No3) No

1)All processes of the given type started by the end-users will disappear
2)Some user data can disappear - the developer is responsible for consequences of changes if there already exist processes of the given type
3)Unless there are no processes created based on the definition

Button Reports - open a new window for reports definition (described elsewhere). Not available for trial.

Button Description - opens a simple editor window. The text will be seen when the user views the process map from the repository and double clicks on a space between the steps.

Note: Buttons "Reports" and "Description" are enabled only after the definition has been first created.

Trial version does not differentiate statuses, except you cannot create a new process if the process map has been retired.