• Easy access to process data from any computer equipped with an Internet browser
  • Easy to understand and use visual representation of processes
  • Online documentation and guidelines for each process step
  • Control of data before saving and finishing a step
  • Powerful search function to find processes, actual, as well as archived, that satisfied certain criteria, e.g. concern a particular person or organization, has reached a certain step, etc.
  • Support for teamwork: several people can handle the same case being responsible for different steps Support for storing documents related to process cases
  • Support for several process types inside one application (learn once – use for many purposes)
  • Fine-tuned access rights to sensitive information. Though many end-users can have access to process maps, access to the information entered at particular steps can be limited for different categories of users
  • Easy to change process maps and step-related web-forms. Changes can be completed without disturbing work on already started cases. These changes do not require programming skills, a technically minded businessperson can implement them without requesting help from own his/her IT-department, or an IT-consultant