iPB users

The three basic iPB components iPB-Designer, iPB-administrator, and iPB-Runtime correspond to the three categories of users that work with iPB: developers, administrators, and end-users.

  • Developers are the users who designs process maps (definitions) based on already existing specifications or while investigating business activity to discover business needs and/or requirements, or improve business processes.
  • Administrator is a person who is responsible for managing iPB installation. He/she manages users, assigns them access rights, and makes adjustments in auxiliary tables.
  • End-users are the users who are experts in business activities the development project aims to improve. These are people actually engaged in these activities, as “floor” workers, or managers. They browse and discussed “human friendly” presentations of process maps (definitions), and test running the maps in real-time, or use the definitions as systems/services that support their business activities.