User interface

iPB user interface is simple, consistent and straightforward. An iPB screen consists of a header, a general left-hand menu, and a working area to the right of the menu.


The header shows the login information, gives you a possibility to log out, and change the working language by clicking on the flag that represent a country/language.

Left-hand menu

The left-hand menu is of so-called “accordion” type that groups menu items under several headers. You can expand or contract a group by clicking on (+/-) sign to the right of the group header. The number and the names of the groups depends on the rights assign to you as a user. Currently, there are three types of iPB-users: administrator, developer, and end-user. Administrator has the complete set of rights and thus sees all groups and items in the menu, while the user has the minimum set of rights and sees less than an administrator or developer.
The menu can be contracted to the left by clicking on “<<” sign, and then expanded back by clicking on “>>” sign.

Working area

The content of the working area to the right of the menu depends on what you are currently working. The primary choice of you mode of operation is done through the left-hand menu, other selections are done when you are already inside the working area. When a new selection is done, the old working area does not disappear automatically. Instead, a new tab is inserted in the working area, while the old one becomes hidden. You can brows freely between the tabs. You can close any tab by clicking on the “x” sign to the right its header. You can also close the current tab by clicking on the “x” sign of the top toolbar of the working area (which is place in the rightmost corner)

A working area has an uppermost toolbar that at least have “?” and “x” buttons placed at the right end of the toolbar (if they are not visible, extend the width of your browser area). Clicking “?” brings a help screen, clicking “x” closes the current tab of the working area. Presence and the nature of other toolbar buttons depends on the current content of the working area.


Selecting a menu item in the left-hand menu typically result in a list of some objects, e.g., process definitions, users, persons, etc., appearing in the working area. All lists are structured in the same way.